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I am gone…

Who is who, why and how?

In the meantime this site is not only visited by people who know us, by the way I’m really happy about this, so it’s finally time to introduce us.

We are almost a quite ordinary German family!

(It’s the only existing family picture I have, easy to detect; it’s the graduation of the big ones. Thank you Lou for taking it!)

from the left to the right: Jonathan,
Barbara, Samuel, Moritz and Nobbi

Nobbi and I, we are a couple almost all along. We both studied in Aachen/ Germany and settled there. Our three sons were born there. Samuel is 22, Moritz 19 and Jonathan the “little one” is 14. Our dogs, Lissy (9) and Ceallagh (say KAY-LA, 4) are family too and important center of my life.

from the left to the right: Nobbi, Lissy and Ceallagh

The house in which we lived the last 10 years before we moved to California stood in Vaals/ Netherlands close to the border to Aachen/ Germany. We were border crosser! Nobbi worked in Aachen, the kids went to school there and I followed my hobby and side job as dog trainer in the best dog club of the world, the
Retriever-Förder-Verein Aachen.

As in the end of 2009 Nobbi got the offer to move to California to revolutionize the gleaming front lights of upper class cars in Silicon Valley, the things were obvious. No! It would disturb the peace in our little life! Well, 2010 we moved.


We moved to Los Gatos on a hill with a stunning view over Silicon Valley. The kids went to the GISSV (German Internationol School of Silicon Valley) in Mountain View. In the meantime the two big ones have graduated.

Nobbi is a typical workaholic, he would never agree, but if not, we wouldn’t be here. Besides his job he loves every kind of vehicles and flying objects, he is a small plane pilot and owner of a couple of old cars and bikes. What a pity, he has too little time to care about his hobbies and sweeties.

I won’t tell you too much about the boys. They don’t like it. I just mention them in my columns if it is really necessary. Only: Jonathan, the youngest, he’s in 9th grade, Moritz and Samuel have left us. Moritz studies mathematics in Aachen and Samuel, the eldest, is still searching his destiny back in Germany.

Myself, I’m a housewife, whereas I have to confess that I’m more gifted in other stuff, which I honestly do with more passion. I love to train my dogs funny things and since we left Aachen I even started writing.

We are in the middle of a family saga, in a travelog and my own short-term memoirs.

Warm welcome to
Barbara’s Away Game

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